About Us

First of all, thank you from the depths of my heart for visiting this page. Because after reading this page you will understand my Motive, Goals, and more.

Purpose / Goal / Motive

Purpose of this website is to provide all types of education material in Hindi. Yes, it is true that we are trying our best as much as possible, to provide all kinds of study material. Because if you search on Google for any study topic, then you will get very few websites which are providing good content in Hindi.

And for now, we have started it with programming languages, where we are writing the topics of programming languages like PHP, Python, jQuery, Laravel, JavaScript, HTML, AJAX etc.. that are widely used in Web Development. And as time goes on, we will add more courses in Hindi

Why in Hindi ?

As I said earlier, there are many students who do not understand English very well, Because when I was learning web development, I also had a lot of problem with English. Then I realized that there are so many more students who will have problems with English and , They do not understand many things very well simply because they do not learn English.

When i start it ?

Ok, I started the website in October 2019, but due to some critical problems, its work had to be stopped.

The reason behind naming the website learnhindituts.com

As I have already said that on this website, I will provide all study material in Hindi, so I did not have to think much for this name. Now, however website was going to provide online tutorials in Hindi so I considered learnhindituts.com a good name. And with this name, I started the rest of the process.